Mario: Gary World Game Online

Here you can play free online game - Mario: Gary World. In the stores will be able to buy interesting upgrades, but for this you will need to start the passage, being transferred to a dangerous area and passing a series of tests. On your way you will meet a lot of creatures such as snails and vicious plants that can move quickly and cause serious damage. To avoid loss of health actively jumping, not allowing enemies to touch the hero. Otherwise there is a risk of getting wounded, after which the unit of life will disappear, which can be restored for a fee. To eliminate an opponent, jump on top of him, then run away to a safe distance to finally take the hero away from the threat. Jump over cliffs, otherwise you will fall into an abyss. Pick up the coins that fall out of the blocks, which are destroyed by a blow to the head when the hero is underneath.

How to play

  • Arrows: to jump and move
  • Space: Fire
  • Z: Use mutant liquid